Get Gold On Camera!

Get The Golden Touch On Screen!

I am a SAG-AFTRA actress trained under  Marcie Smolin. I’ve also worked with various SAG-AFTRA Conservatory instructors. 

Music Videos

Looking for your next leading lady? From "I Got Soul" with Eamon to my own videos like "Forever Vibe," I've been featured in various professional music videos.


Bring elegance, grace, and professionalism to your commercial! Whether it's the hotel industry, business, or entertainment, I adapt to your needs!

TV Drama

I've sang on choirs, robbed banks, and ran through a series of bad marriages. My love is to bring all of myself to the scene and blend it harmoniously with the writer's vision.


Whether singing down to my knees in "The Low Down Dirty Blues" or fighting love in "The Silent Cries of the Good Woman," the stage is where it all began.

Feature Films

I've worked in small roles in films such as Wonder Woman 1984! I'm excited for these roles to expand and offer more challenges to me!

Short Films

Though some haven't grazed the big screen, these films are often magical and take you to a depth that will prepare you for any set you could walk onto.